December 19, 2013. junior officers within the Department and other agencies contained within Am I missing something in the response that the Department of the Prime Minister has sent me? 1. mailto:[DPMC request email]. However, what it should alert us to - and the place to look is Russia - is the formation of huge land corporations that will interdict any attempt to solve the combined problem of deindustrialisation and population growth through a more effective use and distribution of land. What lead me to that question was my attempt to figure out who owns the RBA. Email: [DPMC request email], Hello, I have removed an abusive annotation on this request. Wow, that is an interesting video. Others are in pure disbelief. As for the question re the Corporation of Australia – I linked to my answers on the other page. It’s only one step away from the more accurate "ConBank". The Commonwealth Bank of Australia was created in 1911 and opened its doors for business in the following year. by Wayne Roberts Commonwealth countries are diverse – they are amongst the world’s biggest, smallest, richest and poorest countries. The great sheep-farms, called sheep-stations are found in many parts of the country. Commonwealth of Australia Constitution authorizes the Commonwealth of That is all I am asking for. The Department will write again when we have further information. The news that KKR will buy a majority stake in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s (CBA) wealth management business is striking from both sides of the fence. Australia: 19 November 1926 Oceania (Australasia) : 25,215,000 Federal Commonwealth realm : Australia was one of the original Dominions at the time of the Balfour Declaration of 1926 and the Statute of Westminster 1931, although the statute was not adopted in Australia until 1942 (with retroactive effect from 1939). Referendums, Proclamation, GazetteCreating the Commonwealth of Australia Constituting the Commonwealth of Australia Under Referendums Australia 1906-1999Australian Electoral Commission Referendum 1906Question […] That is the Commonwealth of Australia according to RBA's website. To show just how idiotic this entire thread is , who owns Planet Earth? The new Government has liberties removed from the People through statutes they have passed. There are now only 40000 full aborigines in the country. extension. of a request for access to documents. Australia the opportunity to vote for or against the Commonwealth of Who Owns Australia? :-)That brings up new questions. The idea that the Commonwealth of Australia is a corporation registered in Washington DC is foreign to most people. Please see attached correspondence in relation to your FOI request. take it that you agree to that information being excluded from the scope A "foreign ADI" means a body corporate that: (a) is a foreign corporation within the meaning of paragraph 51(xx) of the Constitution; and (b) is authorised to carry on banking business in a foreign country; and (c) has been granted an authority under section 9 to carry on … of your request. November 10, 2014, To Attorney-General's Department [5] Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, [7]Description: Description: Description: FOI design element, Visible links In Australia, there was no such form of popular constraint and no instinct to endow Australians with viable farm units. Dear Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is inaptly named. What lead me to that question was my attempt to figure out who owns the RBA. The snapshot and maps are a guide only. by Sophia Wrightman FOI Adviser Download a zip file of all correspondence, Commonwealth of Australia, privately held corporation, washington, district of columbia, Evidence Commonwealth of Australia is registered to do business in Australia, Australian Securities and Investments Commission, The empowering document, documents or legislation issued by the United Kingdom Goverment or Parliament empowering the Queen of Australia, Letters Patent 1984 with the Queens Signature.